Types of Carpet & Their Applications


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My Affordable Floors is thrilled to share our knowledge in carpet installation with our customers. We covered basics of carpeting, terminology, and the different types of carpets. We’ll be taking a closer look at how those fibers are woven to create a particular type of carpet and how it affects the location where that carpet should go Floor mod.

Many types of carpet

Carpet’s softness is determined by more than just the type of carpet fibers and their height (or “pile”). How the carpet is made and how it is cut also play a role in the carpet’s luxurious feel.

The fiber pile can be finished in two ways: cut pile or loop pile. Loop pile is when the fibers have been looped and attached to the backing.

There are many types of cut piles, each with their own distinct properties.

  • Textured Carpet is the most sought-after option due to its durability and low price. Although textured carpet is soft, it is not as dense as other high-end options. However, the tight construction resists dirt.
  • Friezecarpet has a shorter fiber with a twisty fiber that can withstand heavy traffic. This makes it great for commercial areas. The Frieze carpet does not show footprints and maintains a clean, orderly appearance throughout the day.
  • Saxony has a style that creates a dense, smooth appearance which is suitable for formal and luxurious settings. Saxony’s luxurious appearance is often called “plush”.

Loop pile carpet is very durable and its tight loops resist dirt, moisture and other elements. There are two types of loop pile carpet.

  • Berber carpet is very popular due to its durability, longevity, and stain resistance. Berber’s tight loops are variable in size, which gives it a unique look that blends style and performance.
  • Level Loop is ideal for commercial and high-traffic areas. Its loops are tufted, equal in length, which gives it a smooth appearance. Although level loop is easy to maintain, it is not as soft and durable as other carpets.

It’s easy for you to find the right carpet for your home with all of the options. For all your questions about carpet, contact My Affordable Floors for expert advice!



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