Flymo Lawn Mower

If you are looking for a lawn mower then I suggest you take a look at the Flymo Lawn Mower. Their range of mowers includes an extensive array of wheeled mowers as well as hover mowers for your lawn.

The Mow n Vac range of mowers from Flymo offers you the easiest way to cut and collect grass. It is just like a vacuum for your lush garden. It is lightweight and its single handed design makes it ideal for small lawn like your front yard.

It has a powerful motor that is able to tackle even the toughest grass conditions. It floats on a cushion of air and cuts easily in any direction. The Turbo Compact 330 features an advanced grass collection and an electric hover mower. It cuts and makes the grass compact putting it into a central grass box that you can thereafter empty easily.

Apart from the hand held mowers you can check out the range of wheeled Flymo Lawn Mower. The range of mowers includes both electric and petrol powered mowers for your garden. The Speedi-Mo mower comes with a powerful 900 watt electric motor, and the cutting blade is 32 cm wide. You can manually adjust the cutting height to suit your needs.

The XL500 provides all the benefits of the air cushion mowing plus the additional benefit of petrol power freedom. It is easy to maneuver and difficult outlying areas will be easily accessible with this lawn mower. This Flymo Mower features a powerful high quality engine and it can be used on slopes of up to 45 degrees.

If you need a traditional striped garden, then I suggest that you check out the new range of mowers from Flymo Lawn Mower. The Chevron 34VC mower features a rear roller that will get you that striped lawn. The mower is easy to carry and it boasts of a powerful motor to cut long grass.

Other features of this great mower includes a central height adjust that will enable you to determine the cutting height of the mower blade. The Chevron 34VC lawn mower also features a 34 cm blade for cutting grass. Also among the new range of mowers is the Chevron 34C, and it also features an electric motor. This great mower has a unique vision window that allows you to see when the grass box is full.

So take your pick after carefully reading about all movers – Your lawn deserves the best.

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